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May 9, 2002 - Pre-Launch Ending Soon!
Pre-Launch is just about over and full commercial launch will begin soon. We'll be sending out emails to existing customers with directions on how to transfer their Pre-Launch acounts into the full commercial launch. Existing customers will have a little more than a week to get their info entered into the system. Only customers that enter in their billing information will have their accounts carried over into the full commercial launch. Full commercial Meridian 59 gameplay accounts will be on sale Monday May 13, 2002 at a cost of $10.95 a month. Come back here on Monday to purchase your gameplay accounts.

1000 Meridian 59 Resurrection Limited Edition CDs for US and Canadian players and 100 International Pre-Launch Accounts are now on sale on our website. Hurry up to ensure that you get your Pre-Launch account before they're all gone! Full details can be found through the link below.

December 5, 2001 - Several updates to the Meridian 59 Official Website
The Meridian 59 official website has been updated with a new links section, information translated to the German language, and links to interviews with popular gaming sites.

Fan and press reaction to Near Death Studios' announcement has been huge!
Thanks to everyone for your support!


November 29, 2001 - NDS purchases Meridian 59 from The 3DO Company
Near Death Studios, Inc. has purchased Meridian 59 from 3DO on November 29, 2001. View the complete press release here.

As rumors grew over the past several months we've heard many of the same questions again and again. In an effort to help answer many of those questions and to bring more information to the Meridian 59 community we've put up a preliminary F.A.Q. We've included a lot of information and more will certainly be added in time. is the game's new official website. We'll be updating this site often as we move toward bringing the game up online.

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November 2001 - Big news coming soon!
Near Death Studios is moving forward with our plans. We are currently in negotiations regarding an exciting major agreement. We will post details of this deal when possible. Please check our website in the near future for updates.


March 26, 2001 - We're back from GDC and MERA
We're back from the Game Developers and MERA conferences in San Jose, CA. We met with old friends and made new ones. We were able to share our experiences as well as learn about many great ideas from both conferences.


March 14, 2001 - goes online!
Near Death Studios is a small independent game development company headquartered in Mountain View, California. Our goal is to develop creative multiplayer online games. Check the site frequently for our announcements coming over the next few months as we announce new partnerships, products, and services. Please contact us if you have any questions.


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